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Adult Development

As the world gets more complex, you want your workforce to deal with complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty, etc. However, dealing well with such problems is not just a skill that anyone can acquire, but a way of life in the world. These ways of living in the world are not innate, but are developed over time as we see authority in new ways.

Take in Perspectives

Executive Coaching

As an executive director, you bear a heavy responsibility. Everything you do and every decision you make is under a magnifying glass. Find support by an independent coach, who looks at your qualities, pitfalls and helps you to grow. Act more decisively and increase your effectiveness and impact in the organization.

Broaden Your Options

Immunity to Change

No CEO, CFO or Leadership Team needs to be convinced that improvement and change are important. Nor can anyone benefit from just sympathizing with how difficult it is to bring about change, both in ourselves and in others. We all know that change is difficult, but we rarely know why it is so difficult and what we can do about it.

Overcome the Obstacles


In our vision personal transformation is the fundament of excellent leadership. As a leader you need to understand yourself and how you're perceived, then making behavioural changes to become the leader you want to be, even if it means operating outside of your comfort zone. Eelco Bolk - Founding Partner of 360° Leadership Development 

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

—  Aristotle

What people are saying

Profound Guidance

“360° offers profound guidance and help in making our team perform on a higher and more connected level. They make us aware of our shadow sides and how to bring out the best of ourselves as leaders in an uncertain world.”

Ruurd Brouwer

Patience & Care

“The 360° approach to full body learning is so effective and have touched me and many of my participants’ lives in a meaningful way. Their patience and caring nature makes them a dream to work with and allows for great results.”

Jennifer (Hough) Allen
Leadership and Transformation Development at Novartis

Human Transformation

“The 360° team skillfully translates business challenges into tangible leadership behaviors. They embody a soft yet powerful, a subtle yet deep approach to human transformation.”

Martina Mangelsdorf
Chief Strategic Dreamer at GAIA Insights


“360° has an uncanny ability of translating content into experiences and by that accelerate learning. It is always a pleasure working with such a professional crew”

Michael Bunting
CEO at Awakened Mind & The Mindful Leader

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