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Journey Development

360° is highly specialized in designing and co-designing larger programs and journeys. Over the last couple of years we have had the privilege of working with experts in their fields, as well with highly recognized and established consultancies.

While designing together we’ve created incredible powerful programs. This all, with a highly appreciated flow of theory and practice. Next to theory, tailor made exercises enable our leaders to truly reflect on personal behavior; intended to bring natural behaviour to the surface.

Read how we Lead & Co-Facilitate

And scroll below through our list of appreciated and knowledgeable partners worldwide that we coöperate with.


As a company we're offering programs where, together with you a client, take care of the entire journey.  

A lot of the time we are working with top experts in their fields. Together with other stakeholders we facilitate and apply our expertise in order to accelerate learning. In conclusion this leads to well balanced programs with an holistic view on learning, highly appreciated by participants.

Bypassing the Rational Process